Trademarks may be defined as all those signs whose main function is to distinguish products or services from others of the same species or class within the market. Their importance is growing every day, to the extent that it is now possible to affirm that the same constitute one of the main intangible assets of any company.

The trademark´s developing and positioning imply a considerable effort from entrepreneurs and corporations. Thus, applying for its registration is advisable in order to achieve an exclusive right of use over the trademark and prevent an unauthorized use of the same by third parties.

Therefore, it is important to seek for IP advice before beginning with the commercialization of a product or provision of a service in order to determine whether the registration of the intended trademark can be successfully achieved. Also, seeking for IP advice in those cases in which the granted exclusive right of use of a given trademark is being infringed, is advisable.

  1. Filing of trademark applications (national and through the Madrid Protocol).
  2. Trademark prosecution (responses to office actions, both substantive and formal grounds).
  3. Opposition procedures.
  4. Investigations of use.
  5. IP due diligence.
  6. Assignment, licensing and valuation.
  7. Recording trademark registration before Customs authorities.
  8. Trademark market survey.
  9. Maintenance services.
  10. Trademark consultancy.